Direct Injection helps updated Cadillac V-6 get more power from less gas

General Motors is expanding the use of direct fuel injection technology on it's engines, with the next recipient being the 3.6L V-6 that's used in the 2008 Cadillac CTS. The 2008 version of the engine is expected to get a fuel efficiency increase of about three percent while at the same time getting a power bump from 255hp to 300hp putting in on par with the 4.6L Northstar V-8.

A smaller 2.8L version of the twin-cam, 24 valve V-6 is sold in overseas markets but has never been available in the US market. If GM offered a direct injected version of the 2.8L in US models like the CTS and Aura, they could achieve performance comparable to the current 3.6L while getting significantly better mileage. Besides the CTS the new engine will also appear in the updated 2008 STS.

[Source: Autoweek]

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