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Woman drove her Hyundai Elantra 1 million miles in five years

And for her trouble, Hyundai is giving her a new one

And for her trouble, Hyundai is giving her a new one.

How far can you go on an ‘empty’ tank? Just look at this chart

30 miles after warning light comes on, or 100? Your mileage may vary

If you have an Altima, you'll be fine.

EPA fuel economy sets a record, but just barely

3 automakers' fleets shine, and 3 struggle — can you guess who?

3 automakers' fleets shine, and 3 struggle — can you guess who?

Americans drove more last year, but still below peak

Vehicle ownership is little changed at about two per household.

US households on average drove 22,311 miles last year, down 8 percent from all-time highs.

Million-mile Toyota Tundra owner given brand new truck

After putting more than one million miles on his 2007 Tundra, Toyota is giving Victor Sheppard a brand new one.

Low gas prices encourage more driving

Just The Latest In A String Of Reports Trying To Understand The American Mind

The US Department of Transportation reported that in February 2015 Americans drove 221.1 billion miles, the second-highest February total ever and the biggest jump in 11 years.

US drivers cover 3 trillion miles in 2014, almost half of drivers are 50+ years old

The US government says drivers traveled 3.02 trillion miles last year, the second-highest tally since it started keeping track in 1939, behind only 2007. Drivers' ages are also setting records, with 44.1 percent of US drivers over the age of 50.

Oregon starts testing OReGO mileage fee program

State Will Sign Up 5,000 Volunteers to Test On-Board Mileage-Tracking Software

Oregon debuts a mileage-fee program to better collect highway-repair funds.

Driving in US hits highest level since 2007

Vehicles Miles Traveled In 2014 Were Likely Even Higher

US vehicles covered almost 3 trillion collective miles in 2013, the fifth-highest since records started being tracked in 1936.

EPA to scrutinize auto fuel economy tests, issue revised guidelines

Following the lowering of estimated fuel economy figures from companies like Ford, Hyundai, Kia and even a handful of Mercedes-Benz sedans in the recent past, the Environmental Protection Agency is cracking

May new-vehicle fleetwide fuel-economy remains at record 23.7 mpg

Former NBA great Shaquille O'Neal retired with a career scoring average of 23.7 points per game. And like Shaq's scoring average, the new-vehicle fleetwide fuel economy mpg number doesn't want to budge, either.

Ford hit with another lawsuit over C-Max, Fusion Hybrid mpg claims

Ford is waiting to see if it will be facing several class action lawsuits over its mileage ratings - three of which were filed in late April. Suits filed in federal courthouses in Massachusetts, Pennsylvania and California claim Ford is overstatin

Hyundai, Kia owners accept fuel economy apologies, love their debit cards

Hyundai and Kia may have gotten lots of bad press for inflated fuel economy ratings, but the on-the-ground reality isn't all that bad. Automotive News says that dealers have been pleased at how the parent companies have handled the November scandal and the reimbursement programs are makin

Iowa newspaper finds no problems using E15; biofuel could have saved drivers $69m

There's been a lot of concern expressed over the potentially damaging impact on engines that E15 – gasoline with 15 percent ethanol – could have on vehicle engines. AAA most recently sounded an alarm on the issue – the organization says that sale of E15 gasoline should be postponed until consumers can be educated on the fuel

Will fallout from Hyundai and Kia's MPG issues hurt resale values?

First came Hyundai's and Kia's corporate admission of guilt about overstating fuel economy numbers, then the recompense, then the lawsuits. Now begins the process of gnawing on every one of the consequences. In case you've only just returned from the International Space S

Fleets and consumers now see practical alternative-fuel vehicle options

Automakers and fans of alternative fuel vehicles have been waiting for years for consumers to start rolling off dealer lots driving green cars. It is slowly starting to happen, with the number of vehicles that don't run exclusively on standard gasoline nearly doubling from 534,000 on US roads in 2003 to almost 940,000 in 2010, according to US Energy Information Administration. The numbers have only risen since then, and Jon LeSage

Ford C-Max Hybrid requires disciplined driving to hit 47 mpg

Ford, and other automakers selling hybrid electric vehicles, may need to place a warning label near the city/highway miles per gallon label on the car's window sticker: "WARNING: Your average fuel economy will be determined by your driving conditions, including speed traveled on highways and how you apply your braking."

UC researchers' new navigation system could boost EV range

Stash this one in the "we don't see a downside to this" department.

NY Volvo owner closing in on 3 million miles in P1800S [w/video]

If you've been following these pages for a while, you may remember Irv Gordon and his 1966 Volvo P1800. The duo have found their way onto these pages twice before: first back in 2007 when the machine cruised past 2.6 million miles and then again in 2011 when the machine picked up <

Chevy Volt, Chevy Cruze Eco square off in 1,000-mile showdown

It's been argued that General Motors' halo vehicle, the Chevrolet Volt, is more or less a bait and switch bit of technology dreamed up by folks at GM for one reason: to draw buyers into showrooms. Once there, loads of Eric Loveday

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