President Bush meeting again with automakers; topics include flex-fuel vehicles

President Bush has scheduled a meeting today with executives from GM, Ford and Chrysler Group, and flex-fuel vehicles and biodiesel are likely to be the main topics. Bush is a big supporter of flex-fuel vehicles that can run on E85 ethanol. It's part of his plan to reduce gasoline consumption by 20 percent in 10 years and also keep the corn farmers happy. So far the automakers have pledged to double production of flex-fuel vehicles by 2010. They say, however, there really isn't enough E85 in the market to allow flex-fuel vehicles to make an impact in gasoline consumption.

Some of the vehicles Bush plans to inspect include the Chevy Impala and a Jeep Cherokee diesel that runs on B5 biodiesel. I suggest letting Bush drive the Impala with and without E85 and have him pay the tab for filling up the tank each time. When he sees the much-reduced fuel economy of ethanol and the out-of-pocket costs to consumers--not including the cost to taxpayers for all the government incentives to boost ethanol production--maybe he'll start listening to other advisors on energy issues.

[Source: Associated Press via WHDH Boston]

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