Honda Racing F1 team offsets their Australian Formula One Grand Prix CO2

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With the Australian Formula One Grand Prix going over the weekend, all the crews were in Melbourne for the start of the 2007 F1 season including the Honda Racing F1 team which has "My Earth Dream" livery this year. In a move to offset their team's carbon footprint for the big race, drivers Jenson Button & Rubens Barrichello visited the Albert Park Primary School prior to the race and presented the school with eco-friendly fluorescent globes.

Over the course of one year, the more efficient fluorescent globes will save the school AUD$8,000 (US$6,362) off their electricity bill and 44.8 tonnes of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions - more than five times the team's CO2 race footprint. The drivers also showed off the hydrogen-powered Honda FCX concept and their new F1 car in its earth livery.

Analysis: This is a fantastic idea by the Honda Racing F1 team and great PR to boot. It's amazing to think what a small change like replacing the lights in a primary school can have on emissions, because you're average F1 car is far from fuel efficient in gross usage.


[Source: Honda Racing press release]
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