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Is Lotus for sale? Will Spyker purchase them?

News has been flying around here regarding Lotus designing and collaborating with other companies like Tesla and ZAP for the last few months. Lotus is known for their ability to do research and development work for other companies, and then assist them with the manufacturing of major components. Additionally, Lotus is known for being able to reduce the weight of their vehicles, which is certainly a boon for efficiency, leading to better performance and less consumption.

Now news comes that Proton, Lotus' current owner, Proton, is considering the sale of the company. Rumor has it that Spyker, the Dutch manufacturer of supercars, is interested. This comes after Spyker purchased an F1 team and announced plans to launch an SUV. Maybe with the help of Lotus, Spyker would be able to compete better in their racing endeavors, and perhaps inherit some of their weight consciousness too.

[Source: via Autoblog]

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