Lotus going Dutch? Spyker mulls acquisition

Poor Lotus is the orphan child of the automotive industry. The small British sportscar maker has bounced around owners so often, it would make your head spin trying to connect the dots. After company founder Colin Chapman tragically died in 1982, the company has been bought and sold by General Motors, erstwhile Bugatti entrepreneur Romano Artioli, and currently by Malaysian state-owned automaker Proton. Like GM and Bugatti before it, Proton has failed to capitalize on the Lotus name and is reportedly looking to offload it to an interested third party.

Next up to the plate is Spyker, the independent Dutch exotic carmaker that seems to always be looking for a way to up its prestige. Apparently purchasing a Formula One team – from Midland steel, who had failed to make a go of it – was not enough for Spyker. Having stated its interest in acquiring another prestigious mark, Spyker is now reportedly looking to buy Lotus.

The partnership would be utilized in bringing the upcoming D12 "super sport utility vehicle" to market, as well as future Spyker models, and part of production would shift to England as a result. That part makes enough sense, as Lotus has a long history of engineering consulting for a wide range of automakers. But what makes Spyker think it's got more fortune (in terms of cash and good luck) than General Motors, the Italian mafia (allegedly) and the Malaysian state government is beyond us.

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[Source: AutoWeek.nl]

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