MotorcycleUSA rides the Can-Am Spyder and hosts a video. Bonus: Car and Driver, Edmunds and AMA reviews.

We have been following the release of the Can-Am Spyder since we first heard about it, and now we have an online ride review to digest. If you have any interest in this 3-wheeled vehicle, it would be a good idea to click here and read their three page report, and then click here to watch the video that they have made, showing the Spyder in an obstacle course.

It remains to be seen what impact this vehicle will have on the motorcycle and automotive market. The good news is that it is backed by a very large company with a lot of experience manufacturing small and large market vehicles. The lessons that they have learned while building ATVs, snowmobiles and jet-skis is sure to come in handy as this street-legal vehicle rolls out.

The testers at MotorcycleUSA likened the riding dynamics to that of an ATV and a snowmobile more than a motorcycle. But, the controls operate much like a motorcycle's, minus the lack of a separate front brake lever. An automatic transmission is available in addition to the standard five-speed manual shifter. ABS, traction control and rollover stability control are standard. Still interested? I am... and when I check one out in person, you'll see the posting here.

Bonus Coverage: For more external reviews try: Car and Driver, Edmunds and the American Motorcyclist Association.


[Source: Motorcycle USA, Car and Driver, Edmunds and the AMA]

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