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Did you enjoy our latest look at three-wheeled oddities? If so, and you think you may be a candidate for such a machine, click here and check out the Can-Am Spyder. The slightly bug-eyed vehicle uses a three-wheeled design that we have seen in many concept vehicles lately, but not many production vehicles. This arrangement is inherently more stable than the old Honda ATC's from the '80s with its single front wheel.

One reason manufacturers are interesting in three wheels is that all vehicles sold in the U.S. with three wheels are considered motorcycles, which are much easier to get on the road than automobiles are. What this means is that in States where you need to wear a helmet on two wheels, you will also need one for three. Also, you are able to ride on the carpool lanes and park in motorcycle only spots. There are benefits and drawbacks to the design, but at least the industry is not afraid of trying new things.

Why is this being featured here on Autobloggreen? Simple: performance. How is that? Well, the power to weight ratio of this vehicle will be up there with supercars. Unfortunately for those who love high performance, their high power comes at the price of gas mileage. With the expected 1.0 liter V-Twin engine sourced from Rotax, and currently in use in Aprilia sportbikes, the vehicle should return over 30 miles per gallon. That makes this vehicle rather efficient in comparison to the performance vehicles it will be capable of hanging with.

Interested? Write a check for about $15 thousand and wait until April, when the first dealers will get their Spyders. Check out our gallery for high quality background capable images!

[Source: Can-Am]

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