Geneva Motor Show: Renaultsport Clio F1 Team R27

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Enthusiasts and consumers may contend that F1 racing provides only negligible benefit to road cars, but automakers evidently think otherwise, as more and more buy into the top-tier motorsport each year. Each has its own way of bringing its racing success to the road: Ferrari makes nearly-unobtainable supercars; McLaren's even more so. Renault, on the other hand, translates their immense success on the F1 circuit into some of the hottest hatchbacks on the market (even if they're not currently offered stateside).

Renaultsport launched the Clio F1 Team R27 edition to coincide with the racing team's launch of the R27, the Formula One single-seater they'll be fielding in the 2007 season that kicks off in a week. The new hot hatch made its public debut at the Geneva motor show last week. Along with special decals and a "Sirius yellow" finish, Recaro racing buckets, lightweight 17" anthracite rims and a few other special touches, the Clio R27 gets an upgraded "Cup" suspension. The limited series goes on sale this month, and once it's been sold out, the Cup suspension will be made available on the "ordinary" Clio Renaultsport.

The Clio R27 follows on the same formula as last year's Megane Renaulsport F1 Team R26, featuring the same livery and treatment, which was displayed alongside the new Clio R27 and the new F1 car on the Geneva show floor. Check out all the action in our high-resolution image gallery below.

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