eBay Find of the Day: Fernando Alonso's Renault

Want to own the Renault that Fernando Alonso drove during his second championship-winning season? It's up for sale on eBay. Unfortunately, the Renault in question is not an F1 car, but a road-going Renaultsport Megane which Alonso drove for some promotional events, being sold out of Barcelona, Spain.

Retired F1 cars sell for millions, and usually aren't available for purchase until several years later so as to avoid rival teams buying the car and dismantling it for the team's secrets. Billing this as "the next best thing" would be a bit of a stretch, especially considering the €21,500 mark-up over the cost of any other Megane RS for an asking price of €50,000. That's pretty steep, especially considering that you can pretty much bet the car was driven hard, as the 19,000 kilometers on the odometer were racked up partially at special events shuttling celebrity guests around the track.

Good thing Alonso's selling it the hot hatch, 'cause you can bet his new team McLaren-Mercedes (for whom he just began testing) will be putting something better in his driveway.

[Source: eBay via Motorpasion]

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