Renault plans diesel for Megane RenaultSport in '07

Renault will be incorporating the 2.0L diesel powerplant from the Laguna in the Megane RenaultSport. The turbodiesel will be good for around 180 horsepower, a top speed of roughly 139 mph, and a 0-62 time of 7.5 seconds. According to Auto Motor und Sport, the oil-burning sport model should hit the European market in March 2007.

The primary marketplace competitor for the diesel Megane RenaultSport is said to be Volkswagen's Golf GT TDI. Sounds like a recipe for some fun comparos in the big Euro mags once those cars are both in showrooms. Of course, we North Americans would welcome any RenaultSport product on these shores...

Note: Megane RenaultSport depicted above is the most recent gasoline-powered model.

[Source: Auto Motor und Sport (translated)]

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