U.S. Army looks to Quantum for mobile hydrogen refuelling

We've mentioned fuel cell manufacturer Quantum a few times recently in conjunction with their hydrogen storage systems being selected by General Motors for the fleet of fuel cell powered Equinoxes GM are building, plus via their supply of hydrogen fuel systems and storage to Ford for its Escape Hydrogen Hybrid.

Working with the major auto makers to test cutting edge fuel cell technology in the real world isn't the extent of Quantum's operations however. Another important aspect of their business is in military vehicles where they have just been awarded a contract by the U.S. Army to expand its hydrogen vehicle and infrastructure programmes. The army's Tank Automotive Research Development and Engineering Centre (Tardec), issued the contract to expand Quantum's existing Mobile Hydrogen Infrastructure programme. Key to this new contract will be development of Quantum's own transportable HyHauler Plus hydrogen refueling stations to military specifications which will allow the military to further integrate hydrogen fuel cell technology into its array of vehicles and operations.

Analysis: Again, the U.S. military is proving itself to have both the budget and the will to pursue next-generation transportation technologies which will eventually filter down to commercial and consumer vehicles. It's great to see military money put towards hydrogen fuel cells.

[Source: Fuel Cell Today]

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