Surf's Up! Renault makes waves with Clio Rip Curl edition

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Renault and surf/snowboard company Rip Curl have teamed up to produce a Rip Curl-branded Renault Clio. The car, which wears Rip Curl logos at the leading edge of the rubstrips, as well as on the hatchback, doorsills and interior, comes only in Iceberg Blue. Motivation comes from either a 100HP gasoline engine or a 95HP diesel, whose power rotates the 16" alloys in front.

Inside, red trim and the Rip Curl logo on the center stack remind occupants that this is not a standard Clio, and in a nod to the car's target audience, it's equipped with heavy-duty floormats as well as a rigid storage tray for the cargo area. The installed stereo has a glovebox-mounted Audio Connection Box that lets occupants hook up their iPods (and other digital players) for playback through the audio system. The car itself is 95% recyclable by weight -- something Renault points to as evidence that it takes its environmental responsibility seriously.

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[Source: Renault]

The Rip Curl Clio: a 100 per cent genuine limited edition

Open the door of the Rip Curl Clio and enter a world of fun and freedom. Renowned surf and snowboard specialist Rip Curl has added its trademark styling to the Clio's attractive, dynamic lines and the Rip Curl Clio features special Iceberg Blue paintwork and, optionally, 16-inch alloy wheels.

The interior has a sporting feel, too, with bright red flourishes forming a spectacular contrast to a
deep black backdrop. Practical and comfortable, the cabin is perfect for those who love the great
outdoors. The Rip Curl Clio features equipment that is 100 per cent designed for beach or piste: the
special rubber flooring and rigid boot box are impervious to sand or snow. The Rip Curl Clio is also
100% dedicated to music, with an Audio Connection Box that links mobile music players to the in-car
entertainment system. The two available engines – the TCE 100hp and 1.5 dCi FAP – are
environmentally sensitive and ripe with innovations. They combine driving pleasure with low fuel
consumption and emissions. This underlines Renault's responsible attitude towards the environment
as it seeks to reduce greenhouse gases and build cars that are 95 per cent recyclable by weight.
The Rip Curl Clio highlights a strong bond between Renault and Rip Curl – a long-term commitment
that will evolve in the years to come. The two companies share a passion for freedom and mobility
and are committed to respecting and protecting the planet. They will collaborate with an abundance of
good humour and artistic creativity and the partnership stands out as different, offset approach to
both the product and communicating.

A dynamic design retouched by young talents
Clio has been a major success for Renault's designers. Its compact lines are simultaneously dynamic, robust,
flowing and attractive. For this limited edition model, Renault handed its paintbrushes and spray guns to Rip
Curl, whose artists were able to express their sensitivity and graphic flair. Clio's protective side strips are
embellished with the Rip Curl motif and the hatchback incorporates an original graphic incorporating the
brand's name. The Rip Curl Clio is also the first Renault to feature a new body colour, Iceberg Blue, which
provides a neat link between glacier and ocean.

Inside, the emphasis has been placed on comfort and alluring décor. Attention to detail is a Rip Curl
trademark: the bespoke trim includes red inserts on the dash panel which complement the sides of the seats,
anti-slip door sill strips and Rip Curl insignia on the front headrest tags and centre console facia.

Standard features tailored to young adventurers
100% action: the specification includes equipment designed especially for younger drivers, their hobbies and
their thirst for adventure. Hence the rubber floor mats in the front and the storage box in the boot. The latter is
big enough to accommodate all the kit you'll need for your snow or surf trip.
100% music: located in the glovebox, the Audio Connection Box provides a direct link between iPods®/MP3
players (via USB or jack) and the car stereo, which has steering wheel-mounted controls.
100% voyager: occupants are well catered for in the user-friendly, comfortable cabin. Clio remains the
benchmark within its segment.

Respect for the environment
A range of engine options underlines the Rip Curl Clio's dynamism and driver appeal. It also reaffirms
Renault's commitment to developing environmentally sensitive technology. The new TCE 100hp (73kW)
engine is fitted with a low-inertia turbo and delivers remarkable performance, because it combines the power
of a 1.4-litre engine with the torque of a 1.6 (145Nm) and the economy of a 1.2 (the 650rpm idling speed
helps save fuel). Its CO2 emissions are rated at just 140g/km and it has been developed to set new
performance and economy standards within this power band. Its true capacity is just 1,149cc and this tiny
jewel is more economical than any rival engine in the combined cycle, where the Rip Curl Clio returns
5.9l/100km. The Rip Curl Clio is also available with a 1.5 dCi 85hp diesel engine, with particulate filter: in this
guise it emits 126g/km of CO2 and sips fuel at just 4.8l/100km (58.9mpg) in the combined cycle. Another new,
ecologically sound development, the filter features an injector within the exhaust system. It's a shrewd
innovation that was subject to a number of patent applications during its evolution. In keeping with consumer
demands, the Rip Curl Clio is available with a range of clean, thrifty engines to enhance its environmental
credentials. The Rip Curl Clio is also 95 per cent recyclable by weight, which illustrates that Renault shares its
partner's real-world cares and concerns.

A lasting partnership
The Rip Curl Clio limited edition heralds the dawn of a multi-year partnership and this commitment is founded
on three pillars: a common passion for freedom and mobility, a commitment to safety and environmental
respect and creative forward thinking.
For each partner, this is a fresh approach to both the product and communicating. It's a tough challenge, but
potentially very rewarding.

-Renault will put its automotive know-how, all-round excellence and industrial power at the disposal of a
rising brand and its armada of young fans who love surfing, snowboarding, music and the planet. Renault has
placed its confidence in the Australian company's creative talents, who have put the finishing touches to this
limited edition model and contributed significantly to the original launch announcement. Furthermore, Renault
will join Rip Curl in supporting surfing in Europe and protecting sensitive areas where the sport takes place
(Rip Curl Planet Project).

- Rip Curl brings Renault its slightly off-the-wall creativity and a taste for innovation. This leading surf brand is
renowned for its technical prowess and is also a byword for dependability in its field. Still privately owned, Rip
Curl retains its spirit of adventure and even has its own lifestyle ethos, known as 'The Search'.
The Rip Curl Clio is, ultimately, a form of expression using words and styling cues that will be familiar to
surfers and snowboarders. It is blessed with a healthy dose of irreverence and should under no
circumstances be taken too seriously. The Renault Rip Curl Clio insignia symbolises an unusual – but
incredibly dynamic – crossbreed.

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