Prancing Steel Horse: custom Scuderia Ferrari chopper

There are a lot of superlatives that could be equally applied to Ferraris and to custom choppers by their respective enthusiasts, and we're not going to try to name them all. But that's probably why there have been so many efforts to blend the two, with varied results.

One builder of custom choppers built a red stallion for Michael Schumacher upon his retirement. Another motorcycle craftsman built two one-off sport-bikes: one powered by a Ferrari V12 and another with a V8 out of a Ferrari 308. Even legendary custom bike designer Arlen Ness styled a chopper after the iconic Testarossa.

The latest crossover between the world of the steel stallion and the prancing horse is this custom chopper, powered by the 140-hp engine from the Triumph 955 Triple. The high-gloss red paintjob even comes complete with race livery, but after watching Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man, we're surprised the builder didn't include the team's principle sponsor. The bike was recently up for sale on eBay for about fifteen grand.

Watch the video after the jump.

[Source: Motorpasion]

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