Motorcycle headcase #2: guy stuffs Ferrari engines into two custom bikes

Here's yet another case of infusing a two-wheeler with a passenger-car mill; in this case, the donor happens to be a Ferrari, and there's actually two project bikes. "Dino", pictured above, is powered by a V12 of undisclosed origin, while "Andreas" is motivated by a V8 swiped from a 308. They've been built by someone only identified as "George", who supposedly is a retired GP racer and Isle of Man TT survivor. There is also reason to believe that he has secured sponsorship from his local vendor of 4043 welding rod. We're not sure quite what to think, other than that we'd definitely be keeping the left pantlegs of our Aerostitch suits away from the open cam drive.

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[Source: Motorbike via Luxist; thanks to reader Noah for the tip!]

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