Spy Shots: 2009 Porsche 911

A hapless Porsche test driver has apparently made the mistake of driving an undisguised (albeit unlabeled) next-generation Porsche 911 Carrera S on public roads and right in front of the lens of a spy photographer. Oops! His mistake, our pleasure to bring you the result.

This is a Porsche, after all, so don't be expecting anything groundbreaking here. Just a slight tweaking of the iconic shape to keep it fresh and the money flowing in Stuttgart. So what's changed? New headlights up front featuring HID units on top of larger air intakes with integrated horizontal turn indicators. A subtle line surrounds the bottom of the car, flowing from the chin spoiler, down the rocker panels and meeting the rear bumper, which has been restyled to incorporate new LED taillights.

We can expect a revised interior to go with the new exterior. As we reported earlier, we also anticipate a few changes mechanically. The direct-injection technology from the Cayenne is making its way into the 911 range, and we're looking forward to Porsche's first application of its new DSG - just one perk of owning a significant chunk of the VW/Audi group that cooked up the dual-clutch system.

[Source: Car and Driver via German Car Blog]

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