Honda S2000 successor: the apple falls far from the tree

When we reported a month ago that Honda was working on a replacement for the S2000 roadster, we speculated that the new convertible could be positioned as an Acura. Such rumors are gaining credence as the S2000 replacement isn't shaping up to be much like the S2000 at all.

Emerging reports suggest that the new convertible could be badged as an Acura, which will likely mean it'll get a completely different name to fit into the premium brand's nomenclature – probably matching the "_SX" formula. (The brand issue is really only a consideration for the North American market – overseas Acuras are sold as Hondas, anyway.) It's also tipped to include four seats, whereas the S2000 is a strict two-seater. Rear drive remains a question mark, as the new convertible could shift to front-wheel-drive. Apparently a retractable hard-top is also being considered.

When all's said and done, a front-drive, four-seat, hard-top Acura doesn't sound like it would be much like the lightweight, rear-drive, two-seat, rag-top Honda at all. The S2000 was never a mass-market automobile, always consigned to the niche, but a luxury coupe-cabrio might be just what Acura needs to bolster its line-up. At that point, however, can you really call it an S2000 successor?

[Source: Winding Road]

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