The Honda S2000 is one of those incredible cars that has been around for a while and which we never hesitate to recommend when somebody mentions the need for a fun ride. But the car never really appealed to a broad enough audience for Honda to work on a successor, at least officially. Winding Road is reporting that a successor is indeed being discussed, but that the plan is to bring the car into a slightly different market segment.

Although the car wouldn't reach dealerships until 2009 at the earliest, word has it the replacement would move up market a bit to compete with cars like the Mercedes SLK. We remember when the S2000 originally debuted and people wondered whether or not the car should be badged an Acura because of the high price compared to other Hondas. Will this again be the case?

WR's source says the car is yet to be approved but a few things are certain about any possible future S replacement. It should stay rear drive. It will be less raw and more refined than the S2000. And the car will look completely different, perhaps adding a back seat in the process. This already seems like heresy and we hope that Honda comes to its senses and offers another pure sports car. We know we're not alone in loving the S2000 and what it represents as a halo vehicle.

[Source: Winding Road]

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