eGMCarTech: BMW 5 Series diesel to reach U.S. by 2009

BMW dropped a bit of a hint that they are seriously considering bringing diesel engines to the U.S. market when they brought their newest diesel-powered engine to the Detroit Auto Show. You can read about it here and here. We reported already that BMW has plans to introduce the diesel X5 in the States in 2008. There were three responses to our posting regarding the diesel X5, all of which indicated they would rather see a sedan. Well, you may get your wish. We got a tip from Omar at eGMCarTech that BMW has confirmed they plan to bring the engine over in their 5 Series sedan in 2009. Also from their site are the mileage details, both with a 3.0 diesel (single turbo - 530d) and another 3.0 diesel (twin turbo - 535d). The 530d seems to me to be the better bet, being capable of a 6.8 second 0-60 sprint while returning 42.2 mpg. Here is a link to the BMW International page regarding 6 cylinder diesels in the 5 Series.

There is currently no information regarding BMW bringing the 4 cylinder diesel engine over in the 520d.

Thanks again for the tip, Omar. EDIT: And thanks ThwartedEfforts for the extra credit!


[Source: eGMCarTech and BMW]

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