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A few more details about the BMW diesel at the Detroit Auto Show

Some details about this engine still remain sketchy, I imagine we will be hearing more about it soon enough, but here is some more information to go with what we have already written about the BMW diesel engine. So far, we know that it indeed uses urea (20 liters?), but is not called BlueTec. The urea will need to be refilled every 15K miles or so.

Additionally, the engine uses twin turbochargers of different sizes. The smaller turbo spools quickly for low RPM use and the larger one takes over at higher engine speeds. The total boost could be 40 psi. The exhaust is filtered multiple times, injected with urea and catalyzed twice. So, if you were the exhausted fuel, you would be burned, spun at super high speeds through one of two turbochargers or possibly both, heated super hot again in a catalyst, filtered once, injected with urea, and super heated again in another "catalyzer" before finally being clean enough to be exhausted out the tailpipe - to be inspected by the EPA.

That is a lot of steps to make the engine clean, but is obviously worth it if the engine is powerful enough and fuel efficient enough. After all that technology and clean-up, don't electric cars seem that much more exciting as green technology?


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