Nissan introduces new system called "CARWINGS" to help drivers in Japan go green

I was asked when I started blogging for AutoblogGreen last month what I thought I would like my contribution to the site to be. I thought about that, and answered that I would like to help people see what they can do here and now to drive greener, not just what may be possible in the future. That is proving a bit harder to do that I thought it would be. It seems that most of the news that is worth reporting on involves technology that is currently being developed, like hydrogen and new battery technology. While that does make it an exciting time to be involved in this site and the automotive field in general, it doesn't help much right now.

One thing that helps drivers right now is being released in Japan next month is called CARWINGS. CARWINGS is an option that will be available on Nissan models to help people track their driving habits. As you may well know, it is possible to improve your mileage by adjusting your driving habits. I have heard some say that having a gauge or readout in their car helps them to drive greener by reminding them to drive slower, accelerate more mildly etc. Let's say that one day you are late for work and you just go, not thinking about emissions or economy at all. You log into your CARWINGS web-site and see that you averaged, say 24 mpg that day. The next day you get up early and get a head start to work, so you drive the speed limit and slow down early etc. Your CARWINGS site says you averaged 29 mpg that day. Would that help you?

The system is part of Nissan's new quest to be greener under their Nissan Green Program 2010. The service will be automatic and wireless, and will allow you to track your improvements over time.


[Source: Auto Spectator]

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