Paisley-Patterned Porsche

They seem to be putting racing stripes on everything these days. The track-inspired trim looks at home on such high-end American muscle as the Dodge Viper, Ford GT or Shelby GT500. Stripes are even popping up on Hummers and Peugeots. But on a Porsche? Clearly a matter of taste (or in some cases, lack thereof).

A Russian Porschephile has put an apparently regional spin on the retro racing touch with these twin red-and-gold paisley stripes on his Porsche 911. (We say "he", but this kind of abomination could just as easily been perpetrated by a "she." Bad taste is gender-neutral, you see.) At least it's been done coherently, though: look closely and you'll notice the paisley pattern continues onto the rest of the hood in a subtle tone-on-tone silver pattern.

It still looks like my grandfather left a pair of his ties draped over the front of this car, though. Love it or hate it? Can't imagine many of our readers will fall into the former category. At least we hope not, anyway.

[Source: Jalopnik]

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