CES 2007: The Cars of CES Part I

Even within the international geekfest that is CES, we found a few interesting machines. From old school to new school, to no school, the vehicles of CES ran the gamut of taste. About the only place we didn't see an LCD monitor installed in a car was under the gas cap. We've seen car trunks filled with monitors, but on the underside of the trunk lid? Really? Is that necessary? Maybe your kidnap victims can entertain themselves with a music video.

Speakers are a tremendously popular trend -- the more the better and the bigger the badder. Extra points are awarded for the number of seats taken up by your sound system, apparently. One Scion xB even had an extendable rear hatch full of speakers and the requisite LCDs. The only thing bigger than the CES cars' speakers were their shoes. The largest might have been the 30s seen on the Alpine RLS, but others came close. Popular colors were orange, orange, and a dark orange-like orange. And who knew automotive nitrous came in solid-rocket-booster-sized bottles? The Batmobile and Monkee mobile were in attendance, as was one pavement-rubbing, mega-slammed classic Caddy.

Check out the high-res (1280x) gallery of 33 photos of all the wild CES vehicles, with more to come.

UPDATE: After checking out the Part I gallery, Parts II, III, and IV are now available if you haven't had enough.

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