CES 2007: The Cars of CES Part III

In Part III you get a Qvale, a Bentley, a speaker-and-LCD-filled Mercedes and a bright blue BMW that either has a horrible mass of malignancy growing in the back seat, or a speaker box that resembles, um, what the hell does it resemble? Oh and a few pics of West Coast Customs' primer black two-door CLS. Sweet. The highlight, however, has got to be the convertible version of Jeff Gordon's NASCAR ride. Bill France, if you're reading this, we really want to see these things on the track. Either in its own class or right there alongside the coupe versions. Just imagine the excitement (not to mention dealer sales) these cars could bring to the NASCAR brand. Get back to us, we've got some ideas about helmet-optional motorcycle racing too.

Enjoy this gallery of 30 high-res 1280x photos from CES.

Btw, we do apologize for the lack of full-on shots from CES. The place is so crowded, it's very difficult to get decent shots without someone walking into the frame. We tried mace, a large stick, even some guy named Guido we found on the Strip to try to keep people out of our shots, but, as you might imagine, CES officials were unhappy. Next year, we're thinking positive reinforcement. Maybe distract the crowds with cookies. Or swag bags full of USB drives.

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