AutoBlogGreen details the Ford Airstream concept

Click the image above to view our high-resolution gallery of the Airstream Concept

Over on AutoBlogGreen, Sebastian has put together a detailed post on the Ford Airstream concept from an angle you might find interesting. There are details of the construction and the drive-train layout, which actually is very similar to the Chevy Volt Concept's layout except that it uses a hydrogen fuel cell to recharge its batteries instead of an internal combustion engine. There is also a full gallery of high-res shots including live one from the show floor.

AutoblogGreen also interviewed Dave Barthmuss of General Motors after the Chevy Volt was revealed on Sunday to answer questions about GM's alternative fuel strategy and even the EV1. Dave is the Manager of Public Policy, Environment and Energy Communications (North America) and if you've seen the film "Who Killed the Electric Car?", then you might remember Dave.

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