Ways That Work Green Top 10 for 2006

The Ways That Work blog have posted their Top 10 Green Corporate Initiatives of 2006 which highlights businesses which adopted green practices and technologies in 2006, designed to help not only the environment, but also their bottom line:
  1. Yahoo! Autos and Environmental Defense create "Green Ratings" for cars.
  2. Cisco Systems, Inc. pledges $20 million for technology that will cut company travel and carbon emissions.
  3. Wal-Mart commits to sustainable fish for North American stores.
  4. PHH Arval and Environmental Defense announce North America's first fleet management program designed to cut emissions and costs.
  5. Entergy agrees to use offsets and reductions to keep emissions at 20 percent below 2000 levels.
  6. Xcel Energy plans to build an integrated gasification combined cycle (IGCC) plant in Colorado.
  7. Supermarket chain Wegmans and food-services company Bon App├ętit announced purchasing standards for farmed salmon.
  8. Environmental Defense and the Ad Council create the first ever public advertising campaign addressing the threat of global warming.
  9. Random House, Inc. announces new initiative to increase use of recycled fiber tenfold by 2010, from 3 to 30 percent of paper volume.
  10. Hybrid trucks adopted by UPS, U.S. Postal Service, Purolator Courier, liquor distributor Charmer Sunbelt, Frito-Lay, and Florida Power & Light.
See the original post for expanded discussion of each of these.

I would add to this list the companies that have moved their transport fleets onto biodiesel and ethanol; Google and Patagonia amongst others that added solar capacity to their corporate campuses; all the car manufacturers that furthered development of petrol-electric and diesel-electric hybrid drive systems; and anyone else that brought us closer to driving safe, practical and fun cars that get incredible mileage using environmentally friendly, renewable energy sources.

[Source: Ways that Work]

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