alphaDictionary: "hybrid" is one of the top 10 words of the year

One of the most typed words on Autobloggreen, "hybrid" is one of the top ten words of 2006, according to the Lexiteria, parent company of, the online language resource website. Some of the words chosen are forgettable, such as "amnesty" which comes from the same root work as "amnesia". Yeah, yeah ... puns may not be my specialty.

I can personally agree with some of the words listed; of course "hybrid" but also "Wi-Fi". These two in particular are interesting to me, because of my chosen profession and hobbies; and too, because most are so familiar with these words that they bring technology mainstream.

I also noticed that there is a rather negative connotation to many of the words on the list, while a "hybrid" automobile is thought to be a positive thing. The whole list:

  1. amnesty
  2. Hezbollah
  3. google
  4. Islamophobia
  5. backdate
  6. undocumented
  7. nonproliferation
  8. pretexting
  9. hybrid
  10. Wi-Fi

Full Press Release here.


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