Diesel displacement technology operates engines on CNG, LNG and diesel

U.S. Energy Initiatives Corporation offers a conversion system to operate medium and heavy duty diesel engines on compressed natural gas (CNG), liquefied natural gas (LNG) and diesel fuels. They claim that their product is "universally adaptable to virtually any diesel engine through software programming."

Today, they claim in a press release that they have displaced 65 percent of the diesel fuel with natural gas while creating the maximum OEM allowed amount of horsepower from the Mercedes 494 diesel engine. This engine is to be fitted to buses in Thailand.

In Thailand, this can save large amounts of money, as CNG is much cheaper than diesel fuel there. Of course, readers of this site may be more interested to hear that the system cuts harmful emissions by up to 23 percent, according to their site. Mass transit is already a good idea for traffic and congestion problems, and it is good to see that hybrid electric, diesel and now hybrid diesel CNG buses can further reduce the emissions that the large engines powering them produce.


[Source: yahoo.com]

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