Diesel-natural gas dual-fuel retro-fit systems from Clean Air Power coming out clean

Using a bit of diesel fuel to ignite natural gas in an engine is one way to provide high-power output with lowered emissions. Clean Air Power, which has a unique retro-fit system that gives an engine dual-fuel capability, recently completed trials meant to figure out the benefits of integrating versus retro-fitting its products, and discovered that the cost and CO2 emissions savings are better with the contemporary integrated system.
Clean Air Power says that the UK trials, which used the Genesis Dual-Fuel™ retro-fit system, demonstrated a 50 percent gas substitution and a CO2 saving of 8.4 tons a year, based on 200,000km annual mileage. The lowered gas usage could save operators about £10,000 per vehicle per year in fuel costs).

Compare this to a contemporary integrated system, which can deliver about 70 percent overall gas substitution (saving £17,000 per vehicle per year) and cut out 26 tons of CO2 a year (based on the same annual mileage).

Clean Air Power says that over 1,600 vehicles around the world have been set up with the retro-fit system, and they are actively looking for an OEM to come to them with an offer to build an integrated system, said CEO John Pettitt.

Caterpillar has designed a similar diesel and natural gas system for use in its large vehicles.

[Source: Clean Air Power]

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