Clean Air Power's diesel-natural gas conversion system could help Britain reach Kyoto targets

The emissions reductions set forth in the Kyoto Protocol are an ambitious goal, and a lot of countries are struggling to reach them. Britain, for example, will most likely not be able to reduce its carbon emissions by 20 percent by 2010, the BBC recently reported. Clean Air Power, which has come up with a Dual-Fuel system that converts heavy duty diesel engines to run on natural gas (with diesel still in the mix to act as a liquid spark plug), wants to make clear that if just ten percent of the trucks in the UK were outfitted with these natural gas conversion systems, the impact would be 300,000 fewer tons of CO2 in the air each year and huge fuel savings. Clean Air Power claims that ea chconverted truck saves seven tons of carbon emissions and reduces fuel costs by £11,000 per year. While outfitting 10 percent of the UK fleet with CAP's converter would certainly net the company a tidy profit, the company wants to spread the CO2 reduction around. CEO John Pettitt suggested better route planning, using in-cab telematics and more rail freight as concurrent ways to reach the Kyoto levels.
[Source: No Bull Communications/Clean Air Power]

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