Another day, another Ferrari crashed

Why do bad things happen to good cars? It seems to us that Ferraris are getting crashed left, right and center, and we're here to say they don't deserve this. We're speaking up for the little red-headed sportscars that can't speak for themselves (except in indiscernible revs and exhaust notes... and in Pixar movies).

The latest, at least, was not an Enzo. The world supply of those rare supercars is being rapidly and dangerously depleted by ostensibly careless drivers who seem to be routinely writing them off. No, this one was "just" a Modena, a 360 Spider to be precise, crashed into a lamp post at an intersection in Perth, Australia. By the looks of things, it was just the front end that was wrapped around the pole, while the rest of the car looks fine. But there's bound to be some structural damage to the 360's aluminum frame, and you can try to fix that, but she'll never be the same.

In response to this latest assault on the Ferrari community, we're marching to the UN to drum up support for a new bill to be passed that mandates the death sentence for anyone who acts so carelessly as to kill an innocent Ferrari. Exceptions will be legislated for official factory drivers, but everyone else is hereby put on notice.

[Source: Le Blog Auto – French]

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