German manufacturers bet on diesel in America

Although Europe already views diesels as an enticing alternative to petrol, or gasoline here in the states, Americans have not been so quick to take a liking to the fuel. Many believe this has much to do with the lackluster diesel power plants we have been given an opportunity to choose. German manufacturers are hoping to turn that trend around, starting very soon.

With the change to ultra low sulfur diesel being made across the U.S. at this time, and Daimler Chrysler, Audi and Volkswagen collaborating on their "Bluetec" system, along with Honda and BMW claiming to have engines for the U.S. market in the works, we should see many more qualified choices soon.

More choices are always a good thing for consumers, and with fuel mileage and true cost of ownership on peoples minds, if comments on this site in recent days are any indication, we can look forward to watching first hand a hopeful consumer shift in the works.

[Source: Neil Winton / Detroit News]

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