Ford's latest press release touts greener cars and, well, just read...

Is there an echo in here, or is that just the shameless self-promotion I'm hearing?
In my work for AutoblogGreen, I'm dealt a number of press releases every day. These one-sided stories are useful in a lot of ways, so I get what I need from 'em and move on. But with one particular release I saw late last night, I needed to make sure I wasn't living in some sort of mirror.

The release comes courtesy of Ford, and they're trying to make the point that they are giving customers all of the green car choices possible, with E85 and hybrid engines, as well as upcoming long-distance hydrogen fuel cell prototypes and, well, more hydrogen. In the midst of quotes from Mark Fields, Ford president, The Americas and JoAnn Milliken, acting hydrogen program manager for the Department of Energy the release quotes, ahem, me. This caused a very surreal feeling in me. All of a sudden, I was a source in the very releases I sometimes use as sources. Very, very weird.

Anyway, the article that someone in Ford's PR department quoted from is one I recently wrote for the Ford Bold Moves website about hydrogen and Ford's future. You can read it here. Then use it in any announcements to the press that you'd like to make. I'll be able to handle it better the second time around.

[Source: Ford]

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