Next Mustang to include Sedan and Wagon variants

According to the latest reports, Ford has serious plans to expand the Mustang brand. The rumors suggest that the next Mustang will include four-door sedan and wagon bodystyles.

We recently brought you artists' renderings of the next Mustang, which is anticipated to draw on some of the dramatic lines of the Giugiaro Mustang concept from the LA show. But no one expected the new stallion to grow an extra pair of doors.

Taking a cue from arch-rival GM, whose Australian Holden subsidiary came to the rescue with the Monaro-based GTO after the Firebird and Camaro were discontinued, Ford is said to be turning to its Australian operation to provide the basis for the next Mustang. The car would be built on a new rear-drive corporate platform to be shared with Lincoln, among other divisions. With wide open spaces and a penchant for big engines, the Australian market is said to closely mirror ours here in America.

The ponycar has a long history for Ford, and has had featured a few different bodystyles – including coupe, convertible and fastback – but until now they've all been two-door variants. A family-size Mustang would be a dramatic departure for one of the oldest nameplates in the business.

[Source: Autocar via PistonHeads]

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