LA Auto Show: Live shots of the Giugiaro Mustang

Ford's presence at the L.A. Auto Show can be summed up in one word: Giugiaro. Unfortunately, the new Escape, the product Ford will actually be selling, has been drowned out by the buzz surrounding the Giugiaro Mustang. Our man Frank Filipponio calls it a Spaghetti Western on wheels, which sounds right to us considering the genuine horse hides covering the seats. Apparently Giugiaro's Italian designers took the Mustang name very literally.

Though we had seen the press shots a few nights ago and checked the car out in person at a media event last night, Ford still went through the motions this morning and "debuted" the Giugiaro Mustang at the L.A. Auto Show by pulling back the shroud. Despite the overexposure, the G-Stang still manages to engage us every time we walk by it. Perhaps that's because we're split over whether or not we like it. The back end has been praised by most of the Autoblog team, especially the rear fenders, though the taillights are polarizing. The scissor doors have been laughed at and the full glass roof is just too out there to take seriously. The front end, however, is where the real debate's happening, since many believe this Mustang is wearing design cues we'll see in the next Blue Oval pony car. Is it too Camaro-like? Again, we're split. The fact remains this concept is garnering an inordinate amount of attention for Ford considering the only other vehicle it bothered to bring was a new SUV.

Check out a big gallery of live shots from today's press conference as well as the media event at which Ford debuted the Giugiaro Mustang last night.


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