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Bugatti moving ahead with Veyron successor

Bugatti is moving ahead with plans for a new model to succeed the record-shattering, earth-moving, mouth-watering Veyron supercar. That's what Thomas Bscher, chief of the Volkswagen AG subsidiary, contends, despite reported efforts by Porsche to derail the ├╝ber-ultra-super-duper-premium-luxury carmaker.

Here we assume Bscher's not talking about the upcoming targa variant of the Veyron, but a completely new model. We can expect that whether it's a front-engined touring coupe, a CLS-style four-door coupe or a super-luxury saloon, the next Bugatti will share a great deal of the mechanicals with the Veyron so as to defer further development costs and better utilize the enormous amount of resources that went into the supercar.

While Posche wants to marginalize Bugatti into an even more exclusive brand, confining it to rare one-offs and thereby all but eliminating it from the scene, previous reports suggested the brand may go further down-market instead. But with a host of brands producing a variety of vehicles, Bugatti would need to be very careful not to step on the toes of sister brands Audi, Bentley and Lamborghini.

One thing's for sure, Bscher notes: they won't be producing another car like the Veyron from scratch again. (Neither will anyone else, for that matter.)

[Source: The Car Connection]

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