Bugatti Veyron sedan being considered?

So far the automotive cognoscenti of the world have hypothesized that Bugatti is considering a targa version of the Veyron and a downmarket "entry-level" coupe. As a matter of fact, this is not the first time a Veyron-based sedan has been brought up. Bugatti has been mum, of course, but that doesn't stop people from producing renderings. Lehmann and company have just produced a new one forecasting a Veyron-based sedan that would feature an 950-hp, 8.0-liter engine mounted up front. Such a vehicle would likely adopt the four-door coupe profile that's so in vogue right now. A projected price pegs the Veyron sedan at a cool one million bucks. It's highly likely based on the success of the Veyron that Bugatti will build another car, and a sedan is the best bet based on concepts produced by the company before the Veyron came to be.
[Source: WorldCarFans]

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