Spy Shots: Veyron Roadster image surfaces

Just a photoshop, we think, but this image from WorldCarFans gives us a peek at what the 2008 Veyron Roadster might look like. As we reported in July, Bugatti has moved forward with plans for a targa version of its luxury supercar. Rather than a true drop-top, a laminated glass roof panel has been developed by the same people who brought us the folding hardtop with sunroof on the Volkswagen Eos. With no room to store that panel onboard, speculation is that a temporary fabric panel is being engineered to cover the interior in an emergency situation.

As you might imagine for a car capable of 400 km/h, the Veyron Targa will need some beefing up when it loses its roof. Windshield pillars, as well as the chassis will need some additional strengthening. To compensate for that extra weight, Bugatti will most likely use carbon fiber to build the doors and hood. A freshening of the grille and the headlights is also expected. Those lights, btw, will now be doing a Lexus, and turning with the front wheels. The other major change is that the Veyron Targa's top speed will be reduced to a mere 217 mph.

[Source: WorldCarFans]

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