RR of the Day: 1960 Ford Thunderbird

Cars today are generally quite good. Regardless of what you choose, chances are that you're getting something with ample power, clean emissions, decent fuel economy, and good reliability. Unfortunately, where many cars fall down is in the area of style. Oh, they may not be unattractive, but they're not going to be talked about 40 years from now, either.

The same cannot be said of the 1960 Thunderbird, which in its day was referred to in a jingle as "the finest of fine cars, the last word in 'wish it were my' cars." And why not? The 1960 car was big and bold, dripping with style. And so, we're a little jealous of Flickr user salguod.net, because his black over red 1960 Thunderbird is just desperately cool.

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The car came into his family in 1978 when his grandfather bought it from the original owner in California. Grandpa flew out to Los Angeles so he could drive it back home to Toledo, OH. Sal's grandmother went as well, but apparently was less than enthused at the prospect of driving through the desert in a non-air-conditioned convertible. But away they went, losing the radiator along the way (that must have made for some fun in-car conversation), but making it to Toledo nonetheless.

In 2000, Sal inherited the car. Essentially unrestored, the T-Bird has had some work done, but as is to be expected with a 47-year-old car, more is needed. Sal's list of things to do includes replacing the top (he has the new one ready to go), finishing the interior (it's about halfway there), and repairing the power windows, which aren't functioning. The car's floaty ride will be fixed once Sal installs the new shocks, ball joints and bushings he has standing by. It's an ongoing project, but it sounds like a labor of love.

On the plus side, the car's 352 cubic inch V8 and 3-speed Cruise-O-Matic transmission (what a great name) are A-OK, and the car itself is nicely optioned, featuring radio, leather, power driver's seat, fender skirts, power brakes, power steering, and the aforementioned power windows. He also splurged on a set of 17" Boyd Coddington Junkyard Dogs that are wrapped in 235/55R17 Pirelli P Zero Neros. He thinks they fill the wheel wells nicely. We agree.

The thing with old cars like this is that no matter their condition, their inherent style always shines throughl. This car, with the "catfish" grille, rocket taillamps, rear vents and restrained use of chrome (compared to other cars of the era) has serious curb appeal. Plus, it's an heirloom, having been passed down from grandfather to grandson. The latter is doing his part to carry the torch, and this 1960 'Bird makes for a deliciously swanky Reader Ride of the Day.

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