Once again, YouTube yields a great old auto company promo. This one, for Ford, showcases the 1960 Galaxie, Thunderbird and Falcon in artful fashion. From the enthusiastic announcer to the the original music (with wonderfully cornball lyrics), to the cars themselves as they arrive like shooting stars resplendent in their white finishes -- it's not just an ad, it's entertainment.

Granted, there's not much of a demand for three-minute commercials in today's TV landscape, where you're in and out in 30 seconds most of the time, but if you think about it, there are opportunities. TiVo users should be familiar with the Showcase area, where companies pay to have a prominent place to push their wares. Recently, Hyundai was hosting a long-form promo for the Sonata there, and in the past, GM, Ford, the Chrysler Group, and Lexus have all used the space to show off new products. I'd certainly be willing to sit back and watch a longer and/or more detailed promotion, such as this 1960 one, in that kind of on-demand setting. And since we're now forced to sit through television commercials at the movie theater, that's another place where automakers could mix it up a bit and give us something to watch that offers a little differentiation from what we see at home already.

[Source: YouTube]

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