Sovereign Saloon: Jaguar XJ-Armored

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What's a moneyed Anglophile to do when his life has come in danger? The Mercedes S600 Guard offers a nice package, but a Benz is just so very cliché. Enter the Armoured Jaguar XJ Long Wheelbase, a bespoke motor of sublime elegance and protection for those who demand both in equal measure.

The pouncing cat has teamed up with independent security firm Centigon to build an armored luxury saloon that meets Jaguar standards of driving dynamics and luxury. The result is a Jaguar virtually indistinguishable from a stock XJ, but packing a host of anti-assassination goodies. The car comes complete with Kevlar body panel inserts, a titanium roof, even underbody armor plating. It's certified with a B6 level of ballistic protection, and capable of withstanding grenade blasts. The self-sealing fuel tank has an over-ride should the chauffer decide you need to move, fast. The car rides on Pirelli PZeros with the Roadguard run-flat system and a beefier suspension to handle the added weight. There's also a list of options including an independent oxygen supply, tamper-proof exhaust and alarm sirens.

The stock 4.2-liter V8 should be sufficient to remove the motor-carriage and its occupants from harms way in a hurry. Just what the doctor ordered for an afternoon drive through Belfast.

[Source: Jaguar]

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