The promotional brochure for Predator Motorsports has seven photos of Hummers, all them doing a smoky burnout. The Southern California tuner shop is known for hot-rodding the gas-guzzling beasts or outfitting them with trick suspensions, high-priced leather or high-tech electronics. Predator also appeals to the owner who may feel a little guilty about the Hummer's lack of environmental sensitivity. So for $39,000, a Hummer H2 owner can get a Duramax diesel/Allison transmission (see the blue Hummer) swap and increase fuel economy up to 22mpg. H1 owners can lose the ancient 6.5-liter diesel and get the Duramax as well, but the price starts at $50,000. And if you're really into alternative fuels, Predator offers biodiesel conversions, propane and even pure hydrogen. To demonstrate these options, Predator showed off a Hummer H2 H1 SUT (that's the silver Hummer) at the SEMA Show with all four fuel supplies in one vehicle. The key is reprogramming the computer to make the necessary adjustments in fuel delivery when switching between fuels. Another way the company improves fuel economy is by using a selectable transfer case. Hummers have a fulltime four-wheel-drive system. The Predator transfer case allows selection between 2WD and 4WD.

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