Truckers see the SmartWay to ship freight, are rewarded by the EPA

There is most certainly an environmental trucker movement out there. Just ask Willie Nelson or Carl Cornelius. Sure, these biodiesel advocates can couch their arguments in terms of the American farmer or energy independence, but reduced CO2 emissions are reduced CO2 emissions. And the EPA knows it.
The Environmental Protection Agency on Monday paid attention to green trucking companies for their "superior environmental excellence" with an award ceremony today at the American Trucking Associations annual conference in Grapevine, Texas. The EPA and companies in the freight industry have partnered up in the SmartWay Transport Partnership. The Partnership is a way to reduce energy consumption through changing habits and by using new technologies. These technologies should be familiar to AutoblogGreen readers (low rolling resistance tires, reducing engine idling, etc.) and have helped the 450 companies in SmartWay save $1.2 billion in energy costs and stopped four million tons of CO2 from getting into the air we breathe. The EPA estimates that by 2012, annual reductions from the SmartWay program will be between 33 and 66 tons of emitted CO2.

A full list of companies receiving the EPA awards can be found here.

[Source: EPA]

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