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EPA is asking the public for comments on Obama-era policy.

It's a lightning-fast fuel-guzzler.

You won't get far on a single tank.

Pruitt said the agency must take an aggressive stance to deter cheating by automakers.

A probe by German prosecutors includes investigating whether VW disclosed details promptly.

State has set its own emissions standards since 1970

EPA head Scott Pruitt was thought to be eliminating California's emissions waiver, but the Golden State's right to set its own mandates remains in place.

Marchionne says FCA did not intentionally "set up a defeat device that was even remotely similar to what (Volkswagen) had in their cars."

"If EPA acts to weaken or delay the current standards for model years 2022-25, like California, we intend to vigorously pursue appropriate legal remedies to block such action."

"Climate change is a global challenge. No county can place itself outside of this."

FCA is accused of not revealing software to defeat testing on Jeep Grand Cherokees and Ram trucks.

So, how does that compare with its most obvious rivals?

Diesels have been 1 percent of Mercedes' US sales, so perhaps seeking certification wasn't worth the hassle.

Move comes after EPA helped uncover VW Dieselgate.

A 99 percent federal cut to the vehicle testing budget.

Move favors oil, coal industries.

Trump says the plan hurts the fossil fuel industry, yet it was never actually implemented.

There goes the notion of a nationwide emissions standard in America.

"What were you thinking when you threw yourselves on the mercy of the Trump administration to solve your problems?" asked Mary Nichols, head of CARB.

In the long run, US automakers could get left behind

German and Japanese automakers and companies like Tesla will reap the rewards.

Why lowering the fuel-economy standards might not be in car companies' best interest.

Will the easing of fuel mileage standards be a good thing for the auto industry? At least one experts thinks not.

He promises nation 'will once again shine with industrial might.'

Following today's events in the Detroit area.

Vehicle costs may be $1,800 higher by 2025.

Automakers' compliance with CAFE may cost 150,000 jobs.

Claim is at odds with scientists, including the agency he oversees.

Pruitt's statement is at odds with scientific consensus.

They don't want to be held to tougher environmental standards through 2025.

Regulators delayed BMW diesel certification last year.

BMW, whose diesel-certification efforts were delayed last year, is getting ready to make diesel-powered cars and SUVs bound for America.

US and Canadian firms seek compensation for owners after EPA issues violation notice.

The suits claim deception, losses, damages.

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