Watch out 1-Series: Cadillac considering rear-wheel drive compact hatch

Bob Lutz has hinted that Cadillac may introduce an entry-level compact in its European lineup that fits below the Saab 9-3-based BLS sedan. The case for such a car is substantial considering the success BMW has had with its small 1-Series. Inside Line claims the car would likely be a rear-wheel drive hatchback built on a secret new rear-wheel drive platform being developed by Holden in Australia, although Lutz is quick to point out that it's not a version of the larger Zeta platform that underpins the Commodore and the upcoming Camaro. Rumours of such a small rear-wheel drive platform began back in 2004 when Holden unveiled the Torana TT35 concept at the Syndney Motor Show. Inside Line gets its anacronyms mixed up, however, when it refers to Cadillac's current entry-level model in Europe as the BLX. It's not, it's the BLS as previously mentioned. The BLX is the rumoured small crossover vehicle that Cadillac is preparing. Either way, this new premium compact would likely share its platform with one of these two vehicles. If it were the BLS, that car would switch from front- to rear-wheel drive and give Cadillac a companion to the CTS in its battle with BMW's small cars.
[Source: Inside Line]

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