What kind of biodiesel Dodge Ram is coming Tuesday?

New restrictions on U.S. diesel vehicle emissions did not stop Dodge from unleashing a new 6.7-liter Cummins turbodiesel engine a little over a week ago. This engine will be available in 2007 Ram 2500/3500 pickups, and can handle a little bit of biodiesel. But what's this about DaimlerChrysler and the National Biodiesel Board's upcoming " big announcement"?

Domestic Fuels, which usually has good corporate connections, is saying that this Tuesday Dodge and the St. Louis rams are promising a " new breed of St. Louis Ram" (the Dodge Ram is built in St. Louis). This had better not be some NFL paintjob on a Ram. It doesn't look like it, as Domestic Fuels says that, "representatives will discuss new programs to promote modern, clean diesel vehicles and the benefits of renewable biodiesel fuel." DaimlerChrysler announced long ago (in April) that 2007 Dodge Ram Heavy-Duty diesel fleet trucks would be able to use B20. So what's in store for Tuesday? What'd be really nice to see is a B100-capable model. What're the chances that we'll get one? I say a lot less than B100 percent.

[Source: Domestic Fuel]

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