Nissan's big trucks go flex-fuel capable

After introducing the hybrid Altima the yesterday, Nissan announced an expansion of flex-fuel capability on their trucks. After being the only import brand to offer a flex-fuel vehicle with the 2006 Titan pickup truck (built in that foreign land known as Mississippi), Nissan has added ethanol capability to the Armada full-size SUV for 2007. As with most US market flex-fuel vehicles, they can run on any mix of gasoline or ethanol from straight gas up to E85. The company is planning on building up to 20,000 FFV Titans and 55,000 FFV Armadas in MY 2007 with that number doubling by 2010. Unfortunately, most of these big trucks will likely never see anything more than regular pump gas (with the 10 percent ethanol mix that much of it uses) and little or no E85 which means that they will have little or no impact on emissions and they will still consume as much gas as ever. See the Nissan release after the jump.

[Source: Nissan]

Nissan Titan and Armada Feature FFV Technology

Reducing emissions, improving fuel economy and efficiency is paramount to Nissan, as evident in the upcoming 2007 Altima Hybrid and expanded use of the Xtronic CVTÔ (Continuously Variable Transmission) in five 2007 Nissan models. Nissan is also taking a leadership position in Flexible Fuel Vehicle (FFV) technology. In 2006, Nissan was the only import brand in the United States to offer a FFV with the introduction of the E85 ethanol capable Nissan Titan pickup. For 2007, the full-size Nissan Armada SUV joins the Titan in offering FFV technology in certain markets.

"Our lineup attracts drivers who expect their vehicles to deliver on all counts. We've proven our desirability in terms of style, performance and convenience," said Bill Bosley, vice president and general manager, Nissan Division. "And now, we're meeting the demands of consumers seeking environmentally sound transportation solutions with decreasing vehicle emissions and reduced reliance on foreign oil supplies."

Flexible Fuel Technology Offered in Two Award-Winning Packages

In an effort to take two popular Nissan full-size vehicles to a wider audience, the rugged Nissan Titan truck and adventure-ready Nissan Armada SUV are now available with Flexible Fuel Technology as a no-cost option.

This technology enhances the Titan and Armada's already enormous appeal to the consumer – both vehicles were ranked number one in their respective segments in the J.D. Power and Associates 2006 Automotive Performance, Execution and Layout (APEAL) Study.

Nissan's Flexible Fuel Technology allows a common gas tank to be capable of running the Armada and Titan's advanced 5.6-liter DOHC Endurance V8 on traditional gasoline or E85, a combination of 85 percent ethanol with 15 percent gasoline, or any mixture in between. The ethanol/gasoline mixture not only reduces the amount of pure gasoline consumed, but since ethanol burns cleaner than gasoline, vehicle emissions are reduced.

"Flexible Fuel Vehicle technology is the perfect environmentally-minded option for Titan and Armada buyers," said Bosley. "E85 enables both full-size vehicles to maintain their full power and rugged capabilities along with reduced emissions, while ethanol is a domestically available and renewable fuel, assisting the reduction of the reliance on foreign oil."

In 2007, up to 20,000 FFV capable Titans and 55,000 FFV capable Armadas will be produced. The number of FFV capable Nissan vehicles offered in the U.S. is expected to double by 2010 from today's level.

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