Who needs Paris? 2007 Ford Mondeo spied in the buff!

So, next week in Paris, Ford's showing off the new Mondeo "Concept." Listen, we all know that it's just a thinly disguised version of the new Mondeo, and now, thanks to our amigos at Autoblog Spanish, we bring you shots of the 2007 Mondeo in production trim, as spied in the Bahamas and posted at FordEurope.net.

Judging from the photo that shows the new Mondeo being filmed by a camera truck (and the Daniel Craig look-alike behind the wheel), this appers to be the same car we'll see James Bond drive in Casino Royale.

All this does is make us wish we had the Mondeo instead of the Fusion. The Fusion's a nice-looking car, but the Mondeo bests it in just about every way, with flashier styling (in and out, if the Paris concept's cabin is an accurate indication) and nice exterior details. Take the rear diffuser, for example. While it's there for appearances mostly, a close look shows that it helps hide the ever-ugly reverse sensors that normally muck up a car's rear bumper. And look at the snazzy front end and wheels, which are almost ripped directly from the Iosis concept.

All that and it'll be available as a very sporty-looking wagon, something Ford shoppers don't have on the menu right now unless they go for the Freestyle -- not exactly a style leader, competent though it may be.

In other news, the spectacular oceanic backdrop in these photos makes us really wish we were in the Bahamas right about now...

[Source: FordEurope.net via Autoblog Spanish (translated)]

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