Mondeo. Ford Mondeo. 007 set to drive mass-market Blue Oval in Casino Royale

Repmobile. Ford Repmobile.

According to the guys and gals over at Softpedia, James Bond fans are said to be "shaken, not stirred" at word that their on-screen hero will drive a Ford Mondeo in the upcoming 007 epic, Casino Royale. (Sorry, couldn't resist.)

Yes, as if word of Pierce Brosnan's departure as the British super agent wasn't enough to worry the faithful, Dearborn has apparently paid some 14 million pounds (almost $25M USD) to put Bond behind the wheel of what most British driving enthusiasts refer to as a 'repmobile.' Yes, a damned sight more interesting than, say, a Five-Hundred, but to most auto afficianados, Mondeo has an air of 'company/fleet' car about it. Hopefully it will at least be something on the order of an ST 220.

At least it'll be a "souped-up" example capable of 224kmh (138mph), but somehow the only thing that salves our movie-going souls is word that that Craig Bond will have access to an Aston Martin as well.

Keen moviegoers will remember that this isn't the first car-controversy stirred up by a bit of Bond product-placement-- a large number of devotees were perturbed upon learning that 007 would drive a German BMW Z3 in GoldenEye, instead of piloting something British.

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