Ford Fiesta gets doused with paint by Britain's Next Top Model(s)

It's already Britain's top-selling small car, but that doesn't mean it can't try for a little more attention, right? The Ford Fiesta was featured in Monday's episode of Britain's Next Top Model. The reality TV show is a contest between 13 models who, in a stroke of unnovation, get kicked off the show until only one is left. Before Monday's show, there were five left. The gimmick with the Fiesta was that the girls first threw paint on the car, then had to clean it up. "whilst looking glamorous doing so, a test for any aspiring model", is how Ford put it. Seems like just the thing I want to watch on TV. I mean, check out those curves. They help the Fiesta get over 40mpg combined (32 city and 60 highway, and remember that these are Imperial gallons). Oh, were you looking at the contestants?

I can't find the video on YouTube just yet, but many previous episodes are available there, so it'll probably be up soon.

[Source: Ford]

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